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Experimental data for thermal materials is obtained using various test methods under specific conditions. A measurement type can be tested using many different methods, and a single method can be used to obtain many measurements. The quality of the documentation describing methods and conditions varies widely.

New thermal data is measured and published all the time, but conflicts in data from different sources make it difficult to determine whether data is comparable and in agreement. Our Thermal Measurements Database offers a searchable repository for the newest thermal measurements data.

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and you can explore our sample catalog and measurements database. Browse, sort, and search the samples, methods, and measurements. The database offers a way for the thermal research community to quickly sort out good data from bad.

Uncertainty Statements

All experimental data entered in the Thermal Measurements Database has an uncertainty statement, minimally an approximation of the uncertainty. Characterization or estimation of experimental uncertainty is crucial in the scholarly reporting of results. We adopt the standards of the ASME for experimental uncertainty. Point-by-point values of uncertainty (or approximate uncertainty statements) for each contributed result is given.