Theory of Ballistic Nanotransistors

By Anisur Rahman1, Jing Guo2, Supriyo Datta1, Mark Lundstrom1

1. Purdue University 2. University of Florida



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Numerical simulations are used to guide the development of a simple analytical theory for ballistic field-effect transistors. When two-dimensional electrostatic effects are small, (and when the insulator capacitance is much less than the semiconductor (quantum) capacitance), the model reduces to Natori's theory of the ballistic MOSFET. The model also treats twodimensional electrostatics and the quantum capacitance limit where the semiconductor quantum capacitance is much less than the insulator capacitance. This new model provides insights into the performance of MOSFETs near the scaling limit, and a unified framework for assessing and comparing a variety of novel transistors.

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