Semi-Analytical Depletion Width Evaluated by Self-Consistent Schrödinger–Poisson Pair Calculations

By Che-Sheng Chung

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology



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A self-consistent calculation establishes a bulk built-in potential by applying a DC bias to a gate/insulators/semiconductor (GIS) structure of a metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET). The width of a semi-analytical depletion layer near the interface of the GIS structure of an n-type MOSFET (nMOSFET) can be extracted by self-consistent calculation. The grand canonical ensemble improves the quantitative calculation for the theoretical evaluation of the self-consistent calculation. It is possible that a new approximation establishing the self-consistent potential appropriately merges with a classical transport model at low temperatures because of minimizing quantum calculations in a momentum space.


Che-Sheng Chung


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2011 The Japan Society of Applied Physics

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