[Illinois] BioNanotechnology Seminar Series Spring 2012: Dynamics of Multimodal Magnetomotive Microspheres

By Adeel Ahmad

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles (MNP's), due to their small size, unique magnetic properties and the ability to manipulate these remotely, are promising materials for diagnostic, imaging, and therapeutics in biomedical applications. In this presentation, we describe the fabrication, characterization and some applications of protein-shell microspheres embedded with MNP's in their cores. These magnetic microspheres have been functionalized to target the αvb3 integrin receptors that are known to be overexpressed in tumors and atherosclerotic lesions. An external magnetic field can be used to perturb these particles and the resultant displacements can be optically measured with nano-scale accuracy using magnet-motive optical coherence tomography (MM-OCT) to provide not only dynamic contrast in imaging but to also assess the biomechanical properties of the microenvironment. Preliminary results demonstrate tracking in vivo dynamics of these functionalized microspheres by using fluorescence imaging followed by ex vivo MM-OCT. Ongoing research includes studying the targeting and binding efficiency of these particles under flow conditions.


Adeel Ahmad is a graduate student pursuing a PhD in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He has been working under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Boppart in the Biophotonics Imaging lab at the Beckman Institute where he has been involved in developing computational techniques for data acquisition and interpretation for optical coherence tomography. His current research interests lie in the application of Magnetic particles for optical imaging and exploring these for potential applications in studying cell/tissue mechanics and drug delivery. In his free time, Adeel likes to play soccer and read books.

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