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Investigation of the Electrical Characteristics of Triple-Gate FinFETs and Silicon-Nanowire FETs

By Monica Taba1, Gerhard Klimeck2

1. University of Texas at El Paso 2. Purdue University

Published on


Electrical characteristics of various Fin field-effect transistors (FinFETs) and silicon-nanowires were analyzed and compared using a modified three-dimensional self-consistent quantum-mechanical simulator in order to investigate device performance. FinFETs have been proposed to fulfill the requirement of the semiconductor road map as old devices are reaching their scaling limits. It can be expected to be manufactured in a conventional CMOS process, whereas an ideal silicon-nanowire, although it has better performance, is difficult to manufacture. Simulations with different fin dimensions were done and compared to the ideal nanowire FinFET to analyze their electrical characteristics. As a result, the FinFET device can be the optimal structure with characteristics comparable to the silicon nanowire.


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  • Monica Taba; Gerhard Klimeck (2006), "Investigation of the Electrical Characteristics of Triple-Gate FinFETs and Silicon-Nanowire FETs,"

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