Semiconductor Device Fundamentals Testbook Module B: Diode Basics

By Robert F. Pierret

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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This is module B (part 2) of the Testbook for Semiconductor Device Fundamentals. The tests, given over a number of years, are arranged in reverse time order, with the latest tests appearing first. A sheet containing key equations and numerical information was typically provided during closed book tests. A set of info/equation sheets is included before the first test. Test page numbers are of the form…(module)(test number)-N… to provide ready access to a given test. A title sheet precedes each test noting the module designation (A, B, or C), the test number (A2, B5, etc.), whether the test is open or closed book, a reminder that info/equation sheets are available for use with closed book tests, and problem weighting information.

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