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Quick and Easy Guide to Carbon Structure Simulations using Crystal Viewer Tool

By Tanya Faltens

Purdue University

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These are step-by-step instructions for creating simulations of carbon nanostructures:
- buckly ball
- carbon nanotubes
- graphene sheets

These instructions will allow teachers to run simulations that students can use along with, or instead of, building 3D models of structures.

In NanoDays 2013 at Purdue, students in the 4th grade quickly learned to run these simulations, and were able to teach other students how to enter parameters and simulate new structures.

This is a very easy tool to use, and results in beautiful structures that can be downloaded and printed.

NOTE:  These work with Crystal Viewer Version 2.3.4


Tanya Faltens has worked in science outreach, taught undergraduate engineering courses, and is currently the educational content creation manager at the Network for Computational Nanotechnology, at Purdue University.

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