MATLAB-based blind tip reconstruction algorithms

By Erin Flater1, Charles Clifford2

1. Luther College, Decorah, IA, USA 2. National Physical Laboratory, UK

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We are making available for download our MATLAB-based blind tip reconstruction algorithms. These algorithms are based on the code published in J. Villarrubia, "Algorithms for Scanned Probe Microscope Image Simulation, Surface Reconstruction, and Tip Estimation", Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 102, 4 (1997) p.425-454. This original code with implemented in MATLAB by B. Todd and S. Eppell, as discussed in "A method to improve quantitative analysis of SFM images at the nanoscale", Surface Science, 491, 3 (2001) p.473-483. The MATLAB implementation was shared with me, and together with my students at Luther College we have further developed and augmented the original tip reconstruction algorithms to include automation routines and algorithms to analyze the results. Details about the theory and functionality of these algorithms is described in E. Flater et al., "Toward easy and reliable AFM tip shape determination using blind tip reconstruction", Ultramicroscopy (2014), 10.1016/j.ultramic.2013.06.022.

The download contains a supplemental guide to be used in conjunction with the Ultramicroscopy article cited above. This guide is intended to instruct a MATLAB user in the implementation of these algorithms to extract a blind tip reconstruction from an actual AFM image or a simulated one.

For any questions, code issues, or suggested improvements, please contact Erin Flater


UPDATE Feb 28, 2015: Previous download files had an issue with 64-bit platforms. Issue should be addressed with the updated download files.

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