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By Mingxuan Lu1, Chang Wan Han1, Volkan Ortalan

1. Purdue University

Quantitative TEM/STEM Simulations

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Version 1.0 - published on 29 Aug 2014

doi:10.4231/D3FN10S88 cite this

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QSTEM Online provides access to QSTEM software for quantitative scanning/transmission electron microscopy, originally developed by by Prof. Christoph T. Koch at Ulm University, Germany.​


Redesign of Graphical user interface:Mingxuan Lu; Chang Wan Han; Volkan Ortalan

QSTEM source code: Christoph Koch, from Ulm University, Germany; Michael Sarahan from the SuperSTEM in Daresbury, UK; Robert McLeod, from Fondation Nanosciences (NSF) & DSM/INAC/SP2M/LEMMA;  Josh Taillon, from University of Maryland.


Christoph Koch, “Determination of Core Structure Periodicity and Density Along Dislocations,” PhD dissertation, Arizona State University (2002)

Image from  ELIM: Electon and ION Microscopy web page at Ulm University. http://elim.physik.uni-ulm.de/?page_id=834

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