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The Nanomaterial Registry is a fully-curated, publicly-available database of nanomaterial data, located at Data for the Registry are sourced from other databases, the scientific literature, material standards reports, and manufacturer catalogs. 

Licensing and copyright information for this data can be found on Nanomaterial Registry's Terms of Use page.


RTI International began development of the Nanomaterial Registry in 2010 with the establishment of a set of minimal information about nanomaterials (MIAN) by which they would curate available nanomaterial characterizations and interaction studies. By establishing a MIAN, with a set of requested metadata, and using a controlled vocabulary by which to curate, RTI was able to then apply a data quality/quantity metric to each nanomaterial record, called compliance scores. Each nanomaterial record in the Registry contains a report of compliance to the MIAN – most easily seen when searching or browsing the database at the Registry’s website. Users can utilize compliance scores to determine an appropriate record or data set to investigate further based on their preferred level of reporting needs for their particular investigation. The Nanomaterial Registry began as a culling of nanomaterial data in pre-existing databases and has expanded to include literature, reports, and catalogs. The Registry continues to grow and accept data from research contributors. It is one of the primary resources by which Federal grant awardees can satisfy data sharing requirements.


Data curated into the Nanomaterial Registry come from publicly-available sources, such as other databases, standard reference material reports, scientific literature, and manufacturer catalogs.   


RTI International would like to thank the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for funding this work, under contract HHSN268201000022C.


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