Mathematical Models and Simulations Workshop Presentation

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Developing engineers for a changing world presents a greater need for students to understand simulations. Understanding mathematical models and simulations are skills that all engineers need for industry and research, but many engineering students lack a conceptual understanding of how to develop them. This workshop facilitates conversations about the future of engineering education with an emphasis on the importance of mathematical modeling and simulations. The team will introduce pedagogy used in Purdue's First-Year Engineering Program that enables students to learn about mathematical modeling and simulation. The team will introduce model-eliciting activities (MEAs), which enable students to learn how to build mathematical models in an open-ended learning environment. The team will also introduce a well-developed design project that focuses on using mathematical models to build simulations. The team will also introduce, an online community that enables students to interact with expert-developed simulations and presents a platform for students to disseminate their own simulations in the future. We will facilitate conversations about how can be used in informal and formal learning environments. We will also discuss how presents a place for collaborative engineering education research. All of the materials from this workshop will also be incorporated on the Nano Education Research page on to further facilitate conversation after the conference. The context for all of the discussed content is connected to nanotechnology, which enables students from various STEM backgrounds to work together in a cross-disciplinary environment. Overall, our mini-workshop will compliment FIE objectives by looking forward to the future of STEM education through nanotechnology education and innovative, online learning environments.

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