PVLimits: PV thermodynamic limit calculator

By Mohammad Ryyan Khan1, Xin Jin1, Muhammad A. Alam1

1. Purdue University

The tool is designed to calculate the thermodynamic performance limit of single-junction and multi-junction solar cells.

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PVLimits is a general purpose software that calculates the thermodynamic performance limits of single-junction (SJ), multi-junction (MJ), Concentration, and bifacial solar cells. The user may choose the input spectrum (e.g., AM1.5G or Blackbody, distance from the Sun, concentration, etc.) and specify the parameters of the solar cell (temperature, bandgap, number of subcells in MJ cell etc.).  The Supporting Material Tab above contains a how-to-use manual (with several tutorial examples), a quiz, a 1-page formula sheet, and two background papers.

Briefly, the calculations are based on detailed particle balance in the radiative limit.

PVLimits has options to calculate the following:

  1. Single junction PV:
    1. J-V for a single bandgap
    2. Eg-sweep: PV output parameters as a function of bandgap (Eg)
  2. Multi-junction PV:
    1. J-V for a given number of subcells (N). The bandgaps are optimized accordingly
    2. N-sweep: PV output parameters as a function of number of subcells (N).


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