Schottky-Barrier CNFET

By Arash Hazeghi1, Tejas Krishnamohan1, H.-S. Philip Wong1

1. Stanford University

Simulate Carbon Nanotube field Effect transistor with Schottky Barriers

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Version 1.1.1w - published on 17 Mar 2015

doi:10.4231/D3R49G98F cite this

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972 Did you calculate the charge at each grid of the surface potential along the whole length of the CNT
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347 Does this tool also consider the quantum capacitance while calculating the surface potential.
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292 Is there a units error?
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82 what is CNT diameter (Band gap) used in this tool
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80 please plot a sweep of Vgs
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79 changing nanotube dia and channel length
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72 where are options to plot Id-Vg in this tool and also change nanotube dia
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