By Alexander Gavrilenko1, Heng Li2

1. Norfolk State University 2. Virgina State University

Kronig-Penney Potential

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Version 1.2 - published on 12 Oct 2014

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Particle in a box - The particle in a box (or the infinite potential well) is a simple idealized system that is completely solved within quantum mechanics. The infinite potential well is a finite sized region in space (the box) with an infinite potential at its boundaries (the walls). A particle experiences no forces while inside the box, but as the walls are 'infinitely high', it is constrained to remain in the box.

Simple Harmonic Oscillator - One of the most important model system in quantum mechanics because a wide variety of physical situations can be reduced to it either exactly or approximately. In particular, a system near an equilibrium configuration can often be described in terms of one or more harmonic oscillators. Furthermore, it is one of the few quantum mechanical systems for which a simple exact solution is known.



Thanks to Mikhail Noginov and Vladimir Gavrilenko for helping with the theory.

Center for Materials Science, Norfolk State University.


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