Microfluidic Droplets Lab

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This lab consists of activities designed to teach students about microfluidics.

The entire bundle can be downloaded by clicking on the download link in the upper right or compontents can be individually downloaded by visiting the Supporting Docs tab.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how the polarity of a substance affects its physical properties of boiling point and surface tension.

  • Test how the concentrations of liquids in two-component solutions affect the interaction of individual solution droplets.

  • Explain how molecular shape and polarity of individual particles.

  • Understand how differences in substances in a two-component solution affect the interaction of the microfluidic droplets.

  • Understand how the movement of two-component solutions is used to in the development of microfluidic devices.

Lab Contents:

  • Microfluidic Droplets Lab Activity, including:
    • Pre-Lab and Safety/Hazards Assignment
    • Background Information
    • References
    • Student Report Sheet
  • Microfluidic Droplets Lab Instructor Guide, including:
    • Alignment to Next Generation Science Standards
    • Instructor Procedures for Pre-Lab preparation
    • Answers to Pre-Lab and Student Report questions
  • SDS: Safety Data Sheets for the Microfluidic Droplets Lab

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