Bandstructure of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanoribbons

By James K Fodor1, Seokmin Hong2, Jing Guo1

1. University of Florida 2. Purdue University



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This learning module introduces users to the Carbon-Nano Bands simulation tool, which simulates the bandstructure of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) and Nanoribbons (CNRs). To gives users a strong background in bandstructure, the module starts with sections that introduce bandstructure basics. To this end, a section is also dedicated to the bandstructure of bulk graphene, from which CNTs and CNRs are conceptually derived. Sections detailing the derivation and properties of the bandstructures of CNTs and CNRs are also provided. After the background discussions, a lecture introduces the Carbon-Nano Bands simulator, and examples and exercises that use this tool are worked out step-by-step. Upon completion of this learning module, users will understand the fundamentals of bandstructure as they relate to nanoscale graphene-based structures, as well as how to use the Carbon-Nano Bands simulation tool to gain insight into the electronic properties of CNTs and CNRs.

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