Novel EM Nanoscale Techniques

By Brian Demczyk

University of Michigan

Published on


Describes unconventional use of conventional techniques (SAD,CBED, HREM and Fourier analysis) to elucidate hard-to-access structural information at the nano scale.


In collaboration with: S. F. Cheng, Carnegie Mellon University (R.E.P.M.) and L. T. Thompson, University of Michigan (MoN)

Fourier Analysis was inspired by the work of Prof. Jim Howe at UC Berkeley & Carnegie Mellon University(now at the University of Virginia).

Sponsored by

REPM work was supported by the Division of Materials Research, National Science Foundation, Grant No. DMR-86-13386.

MoN work was supported by the National Science Foundation under contract NSF CTS-9158527 and the Shell Oil company.

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