SEM Image Processing Tool

Analysis and feature detection in SEM images of Graphene.

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Version 1.1.0 - published on 05 Dec 2018

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This tool allows users to process SEM images for further analysis. It can also be used to separate out regions that are identified as graphene from the rest of the image. 

Supported Tools

Binary Masking: masks all areas that are not white

Color Masking: masks areas in a particular range of colors

Blurring: applies gaussian filter

Edge Detection: utilizes canny edge detection

Cropping: selects area of image to use

Dilation and Erosion: thickens or thins lines in the image

There area also other tools that are useful for graphene processing:

Template Matching: masks image based on a selected template

Contour Finding: finds closed regions of the image (can be used after edge detection)

Hough Transform: finds straight lines in the image (can be used after edge detection)

Sobel Filtering: finds magnitudes and directions of intensity gradients in the image (useful for determining alignment of graphene domains) 

Getting Started

  • Upload an image using the import image button.
  • Select a modification in the combo box and add it to the image.
  • Use the tools in the corresponding interface.
  • To export processed the image, use export image. To export the tool state, use export state

Note: when using the Filter Pattern modification, the Export Mask button allows the user to export the mask as a boolean list array (in json form). Users that want to use it should load the json and convert it back to a numpy array.

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  • Joshua A Schiller, Matthew Glen Robertson, Kristina M Miller, Kevin James Cruse, Kevin Liu, Darren K Adams, Benjamin Galewsky, Elif Ertekin (2018), "SEM Image Processing Tool," (DOI: 10.21981/N17P-NV64).

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