2D material reflectance spectra

Simulation of the reflectance spectra of 2D materials and image analysis for thickness identification

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Version 2.0 - published on 24 Jun 2020

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Optical reflectance imaging is a common technique to study 2D materials thanks to the quick data acquisition and visualization enabled by the wide availability of camera-equipped optical microscopy. Under the right imaging condition, this non-destructive method can quickly provide insights into layer thickness with good contrast for even one-molecule difference in thickness. However, as research in van der Waals integration of 2D materials is expanding, there is little simulation-based guidance on the selection of imaging setup and image analysis. The objectives of this software tool are to assist with the selection of experimental parameters in optical reflectance imaging and to provide the simulation-based identification of thicknesses in the image.


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Li, Wan, et al. "Direct optical visualization of graphene and its nanoscale defects on transparent substrates." Nano letters16.8 (2016): 5027-5031.

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