Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films

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Thin metal films have many applications from optical limiters to nanocircuits. Methods for fabricating these films differ in theory and complexity. Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is a popular method for fabricating thin films. A number of thin films were fabricated using PLD. Silver films of varying thickness were fabricated and characterized with SEM, AFM, and spectroscopy. Surface roughness was investigated as well as thickness, filling fraction, and spectra. Tests were also performed to find out how adhesive the films were to the substrate. These films were compared to films made by e-beam evaporation in order to see in what ways films made by PLD are more favorable.


Advisors: Mark Thoreson, Rob Wortman, Prof. Vlad Shalaev, Dr. Vlad Drachev

Sponsored by

NASA Institute for Nanoelectronics and Computing and NSF Network for Computating Nanotechnology under NASA grant no. NCC 2-1363 and NSF grant no. EEC-0228390.

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