LAMMPS Input Structure Generator for Functionally Graded Materials (FGM)

By Md Shajedul Hoque Thakur1, Mahmudul Islam1, Abdullah Amin, Satyajit Mojumder1, Md Mahbubul Islam

1. Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

Generates initial geometries of Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) for LAMMPS simulations

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Version 1.2 - published on 23 Jul 2020

doi:10.21981/HHVS-V821 cite this

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With the emergence of nanotechnology, the applications of Functionally graded materials have shifted from their conventional usage towards sophisticated micro and nanoscale electronics and energy conversion devices. Hence, in order to study nanoscale FGM structures in LAMMPS, this tool has been developed to generate FGM structure file according to user specifications. The FGM structure is generated by dividing the structure into small chunks and then giving each chunk its appropriate composition according to the grading function.

The tool can be used to generate different FGM structures with different grading functions. The current version can generate cuboid, cylindrical or spherical nanostructures (NS) with two directions of grading-

  • Axial grading
  • Radial grading

We have already provided 3 widely used grading functions as options. They are P-FGM, E-FGM and S-FGM (see FirstTimeUserGuide in supplementary file for further description of these functions). The tool can generate FGMs with FCC and BCC lattice structures.

The tool also gives users the option to use any custom grading function. To help users in this matter, there is a plotting feature that shows the grading profile. The generated structure file can be directly downloaded and used in LAMMPS as data file. The unit of the output file is metal (for LAMMPS).

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