Nanotechnology in Electronics: An Introduction to the units on LEDs, Thermistors, and Transistors

By Jacyln Murray, NNCI Nano1

1. National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

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The purpose of the following group of lab units is to illustrate properties associated with nanotechnology and the electronics industry through utilization of semiconductors.  By using macro-examples of actual nano-circuitry, students will understand what is happening on the small-scale.  Semiconductors and nano-sized particles have similar properties different from the metals and nonmetals often studied in a typical high school physics or chemistry class.  This five part series of activities is suitable for high school or beginning undergraduates physics and chemistry.

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Jacyln Murray

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National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network NSF ECCS 0335765 and Georgia Institute of Technology's NNIN RET program NSF EEC 0601939

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