MCW07 Molecular Electronics and the Bottom-up View of Electronic Conduction

By Supriyo Datta

Purdue University

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Molecular electronics is commonly associated with the bottom-up approach to nanofabrication. My objective in this talk is to point out how it also leads to a bottom-up view of electronic conduction completely different from the standard top-down approach that starts from large conductors and works its way down. Twenty years ago, it was not clear what the resistance of something really small was and whether it even made sense to talk about the resistance of a molecule. Consequently all discussions of current flow traditionally start with large complicated conductors. I will argue that it now makes sense to complement this view with one that starts from small simple molecules, using examples from recent developments in molecular electronics.

Due to technical difficulties this presentation was not recorded. Attendee's who wish to review the material presented in this presentation should vist the series of lectures: Concepts of Quantum Transport.

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