Memory Metals

By Nano-Link Center for Nanotechnology Education1, Matthew Shultz2, Deb Newberry3, James J Marti4

1. Nano-Link Center for Nanotechnology Education, Dakota County Technical College, Rosemount, MN 2. Dakota County Technical College 3. Dakota County Technical College/Nano-Link: Center for Nanotechnology Education/Hysitron 4. Minnesota Nano Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

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This module explores the properties of shape memory alloys, commonly called “memory metals”.  These alloys, when made into wires or thin structures, exhibit the shape memory effect: if bent or deformed, the metal will revert to its original shape upon heating. This module explains this effect in terms of the metal’s crystalline structure at the nanoscale. An activity is provided that allows students to manipulate the memory metals directly. 

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