ABACUS PN Junctions (Winter 2021)

By Gerhard Klimeck

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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Run ABACUS Tool Suite In this session, Dr. Gerhard Klimeck will give a brief overview of ABACUS and demonstrate the PN Junction Lab. With the PN Junction Lab, students can explore band edge diagrams and charge distributions as a function of bias. They can see how the bands move and how the depletion region narrows and widens. Students can change the doping levels and explore shallow versus wide junctions. Learners with a deeper interest can dive into the effects of minority carrier relaxation times and resistive behavior in realistic devices. The PN Junction Lab is powered “under the hood” with an industrial strength simulation engine that was designed and used at Bell Labs to model and produce a variety of different electronic devices.

A later verson, Spring 2022, of this presentation can be found here.

PN Junction Lab on nanoHUB

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