Simple Theory of the Ballistic MOSFET

By Mark Lundstrom

Purdue University

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Silicon nanoelectronics has become silicon nanoelectronics, but we still analyze, design, and think about MOSFETs in more or less in the same way that we did 30 years ago. In this talk, I will describe a simple analysis of the ballistic MOSFET. No MOSFET is truly ballistic, but approaching this familiar device from a different perspective can be useful. The talk will introduce a very simple, general model, then apply it to the planar MOSFET. My objective is to describe the theory in enough detail so that you can intelligently use the program, FETToy, or write a more general program yourself.

For a detail presentation of the theory of the ballistic MOSFET, please refer to the paper "Notes on the Ballistic MOSFET".

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