3D Poisson/NEGF solver for the simulation of Carbon nanotubes and Silicon Nanowire Transistors.

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Published on 22 Oct 2008, unpublished on 08 Jun 2009 All versions

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NanoTCAD ViDES is a device simulator able to compute transport in nanoscale devices, solving self-consistently the 3D Poisson and quantum transport equation within the NEGF formalism. This version of NanoTCAD ViDES deals with Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors and Silicon Nanowire FET with arbitrary gate geometry. In particular, transport in CNT is computed solving the pz-orbital tight-binding Hamiltonian, both on a mode and real space basis set. Transport in SNWT is instead computed within the effective mass approximation.

You can DOWNLOAD the source code under the BSD 4-clause license and find more information at NanoTCAD ViDES website


Xufeng Wang (rappture interface)


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