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This video shows the exploration of several crystal structures using the Crystal Viewer Tool. Several powerful features of this tool are demonstrated, including the following:

  • visualization of simple cubic Bravais lattices, including simple primitive cell(SC), body centered cubic (BCC), face centered cubic (FCC)
  • visualization of tetragonal Bravais unit cells, including SC and BCC
  • viewing a unit cell and a large grid structure
  • 3D lattice rotation
  • changing the size of atoms and thickness of bonds in the displayed lattice
  • orthoscopic projection of a lattice
  • visualization of orthorhombic Bravais unit cells including SC, BCC, FCC, and base centered cubic (CXY)
  • visualization of monoclinic Bravais unit cells including simple primitive cell (PC) and CXY
  • visualization of triclinic Bravais PC unit cell
  • visualization of trigonal (rhombohedral) Bravais PC unit cell
  • visualization of hexagonal Bravais PC unit cell and lattice
  • cycling through lattices composed of all the Bravais unit cells

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