Comparison of PCPBT Lab and Periodic Potential Lab

By Abhijeet Paul1, Samarth Agarwal2, Gerhard Klimeck1, Junzhe Geng1

1. Purdue University 2. IBM

Published on


This small presentation provides information about the comparison performed for quantum wells made of GaAs and InAs in two different tools. This has been done to benchmark the results from completely two different sets of tools and validate the obtained results. In this presentation we provide the motivation for this work, the input details and results obtained. The tools used for this purpose are Piecewise Constant Potential Barrier Tool(PCPBT) and Periodic Potential Lab. We provide information about the bands that are formed by the two tools and how closely they match each other.




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  • Abhijeet Paul, Samarth Agarwal, Gerhard Klimeck, Junzhe Geng (2009), "Comparison of PCPBT Lab and Periodic Potential Lab,"

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