Carbon Nano Structures: A Web Based Animation Approach

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Faculty Advisor(s): Melloch, Reifenerger, Guo

Educational materials on carbon nano-tubes targeted primarily at elementary and middle school children are developed. They are to be incorporated as teaching aids for educators as part of continuing work on an EPICS project, LSPM – the Lego Scanning Probe Microscope. The basic concepts of carbon nano-structures and research leading up to them are broken down into simple, easy-to-understand animations. Cartoon characters were used as the primary medium of communication in animations that help children understand the structure and properties of carbon nano-structures. The animations were made in MacromediaTM Flash and POV-Ray. The voice for the characters was provided by a freely available text to speech engine developed by AT&T Labs-Research.

The benefits of these types of animations are that they reach many children around the world through the internet. They help new fields, such as nano-technology, reach out to a wide audience quickly and help dismiss misconceptions and make available the latest developments in the fastest possible medium.

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