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Illinois ECE 498AL: Programming Massively Parallel Processors, Lecture 14: Application Case Study - Quantative MRI Reconstruction

By Wen-Mei W Hwu

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Licensed according to this deed.

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Quantative MRI Reconstruction


  • Reconstructing MR Images
  • An exciting revolution: Sodium Map of the Brain
  • Least Squares reconstruction
  • Q vs. FhD
  • Algorithms to Accelerate
  • From C to CUDA: What Unit of Work is Assigned to each Thread?
  • Code Motion
  • A Second option for the cmpFhD kernel
  • Loop Fission
  • Cache Conscious Data Layout
  • Adjusting K Space Data Layout
  • Overcoming Memory BW Limitations
  • Estimating Off Chip Loads with Const Cache
  • Using Super Function Units
  • Effects Of Approximations
  • Overcoming Bottlenecks
  • Experimental Tuning: Tradeoffs
  • Optimizing the CPU Implementation


These lecture were breezed by Carl Pearson and Daniel Borup and then reviewed, edited ,and Uploaded by Omar Sobh.

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