SURI 2004 Conference Agenda

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Time Presentation Title Presenter(s) Faculty Advisor(s)
Thursday, August 15
9:00 AM Nanotechnology Animation Group Melloch, Reifenberger, Guo
  Educational Outreach in Nanotechnology Charles Evans Melloch, Reifenberger, Guo
  Carbon Nano Structures: A Web Based Animation Approach Tarun Siripurapu Melloch, Reifenberger, Guo
  Understanding Carbon Nanotubes Christian Martinez Melloch, Reifenberger, Guo
  Educating by Computer Animations One Method Proposed to Control Motion at the Nanoscale: How to Roll a Bucky Ball Through a Crystal Surface. Manuel Emeric Melloch, Reifenberger, Guo
  Memory : An Animated Approach to Education and Outreach Varun Sinha Melloch, Reifenberger, Guo
  Feasibility of Molecular Assemblers LaDawn Biddle Melloch, Reifenberger, Guo
11:00 AM Effects of Pre-Growth Catalyst Annealing on Carbon Nanotube Synthesis Aaron Franklin Fisher
11:30 AM Spectroscopic Studies of Dye-Metal Complexes Starre Williams Drachev, Noginov, Shalaev
12:00 N  Lunch for SURIs, Mentors, and Faculty Advisors    
1:30 PM Measurements of Interface Trap Density in MOS Capacitors Using AC Conductance Method Benafsha Shahlori Cooper
2:00 PM Visualization Team Ebert
  Visualization of and Educational Tool for Quantum Dots Aaron Christensen,
Adrian Rios
Ebert, Klimeck, Qiao, Cychosz
  Quantum Dots Visualization Software using Electron Wave Function Patrick Macnamara,
Laurie St. Ange
Ebert, Klimeck, Qiao
  Visualization of CNT FET Electrical Field Lines Muriel Fort,
Sameer Hamdan
Ebert, Klimeck, Qiao
Friday, August 16
9:00 AM Hydrodynamic Separation of Micron-sized Particles through Magnetization Michael Benko Lee
9:30 AM Self-Assembled Monolayer of DNA Microarrays Joanny Tam Jeong, Lee, Janes
10:00 AM Efficient UDP Haptic Device Communication Daniel Wilhelm  
10:30 AM Modification of Si(111) Surfaces using Self - Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) for Electrochemical and AFM Characterizations. Rosangelly Flores Pérez Scott, Janes
11:00 AM Biostimulation of Human Endothelial Cells Using Applied Photonic Energy Emile Rochon Savage, Nichols, Webster
11:30 AM Process Variation: An Evalution of Carbon Nanotube Transistor Field Effect Transistors Sergio Urban,
Alvin Lacson,
Louis Bonhami
James, Roy, Sands

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