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Illinois 2009 nano-biophotonics Summer School, Lecture 21: Optimal design of advanced plasmonic materials for nano-optics

By Nick Fang

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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Infrared spectroscopic imaging: an integrative approach to pathology


  • Introduction: Surface Plasmons
  • Computational Optics: numerical integration of Maxwell equations
  • Computational Optics: Finite-Difference Time-Domain method
  • Phase-polarization control: control of plasmons via coherence of lasers
  • Light trapping and funneling: plasmon assisted absorption of light
  • Optics of nanoparticles with no center of inversion symmetry
  • Optimal design of plasmonic materials
  • Perfect coupling of light to SPP waves
  • Nonlinear plasmonics
  • Current research projects: Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy


Omar N Sobh

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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