Birck Nanotechnology Center Annual Research Review: 2009

By Timothy D. Sands

Director of the Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN



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West Entry: Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University

The Third Annual Birck Nanotechnology Center Research Symposium was held on April 6, 2009 in Purdue's Discovery Park. Along with poster presentations by graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, several areas of strength were highlighted in the overview presentations made available here. The first presentation by BNC director, Sands, highlights the recent achievements of the nanotechnology community with a focus on publications as a metric for assessing the impact of the investment in nano at Purdue. Presentations by Professors Shalaev, Alam, Ziaie, Raman and Appenzeller highlight research achievements of the past year in nanoelectronics, nanophotonics and nanobiotechnology.

If you are a prospective graduate student, we hope these presentations will give you a sense of the scope and depth of the Ph.D. research opportunities at the BNC, and will help you identify members of the faculty who work in your areas of interest. If you are a potential collaborator, these presentations should help you identify individuals and projects that could serve as points of connection between you and the BNC. Finally, if you are interested in accessing the unique nanotechnology facilities and expertise at Purdue, we expect that these presentations will help you get started. Regardless of your interest, we hope you have the opportunity to visit the Birck Nanotechnology Center in the near future.

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