Introduction to Molecular Conduction

By Ferdows Zahid1, Magnus Paulsson1, Avik Ghosh2, Supriyo Datta1

1. Purdue University 2. University of Virginia, Electrical Engineering



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A scanning probe microscope brushes the tips of molecules rising up from a gold substrate. After making contact, the probe measures a very strange current-voltage relationship--linear portions separated by flat spots or sharp increases. Definitely not Ohm's law. Is the experiment correct? What does theory predict?

This learning module teaches the basic concepts of molecular conduction. It starts with an introduction to the theory by Supriyo Datta, followed by a review of experimental results. Then, it walks you through a series of hands-on examples and exercises, where you can simulate molecular conduction right in your web browser! Finish up by taking a quiz to test your understanding of the concepts.

This series is a set of materials formerly known as a "Learning Module." The presentations are meant to be viewed in sequence to get a full understanding of the topic. Please click on the following links in order to access each of the presentations in sequence.


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