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Illinois ME 498 Introduction of Nano Science and Technology, Lecture 27: Nanomanufacturing 2: Optical Nanomanufacturing

By Nick Fang

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Nanomanufacturing 2: Optical Nanomanufacturing


  • Three Basic Exposure Methods
  • Photomask and Reticles
  • Positive and Negative Lithography
  • Relationshil Between Mask and Resist
  • Eight Steps to Photolithography
  • Photolithographic Process
  • Positive Photoresists
  • Negative Photoresists
  • Chemistry of Photo-crosslinking
  • A simplified model of Polymerization
  • PhotoResist Physical Properties
  • Resist Contrast
  • Geometric Optics
  • Fourier Analysis on Image Transfer
  • Modulation Transfer Function
  • The Impact of MTF
  • Wavefront Engineering Techniques
  • From Micro to Nano Stereolithography
  • Plasmon Enhanced Lithography
  • Interference Lithography
  • 3D Holographic Lithography
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