Nanoelectronic Devices, With an Introduction to Spintronics

By Supriyo Datta1, Mark Lundstrom1

1. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN


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Lecture Number/Topic Online Lecture Video Lecture Notes Supplemental Material Suggested Exercises
Lecture 1b: Nanotransistors - A Bottom Up View View Flash View Notes (pdf) YouTube
Lecture 1a: Atom to Transistor: A semiclassical view View
Lecture 2: Quantum of Conductance: Resistance and uncertainty View
Discussion Session 1 (Lectures 1a, 1b and 2) View
Lecture 3: Introduction to NEGF View YouTube
Lecture 4: Bottom-up Approach to Thermoelectricity View YouTube
Discussion Session 2 (Lectures 3 and 4) View
Lecture 5: Electron Spin: How to rotate an electron to control the current View
Lecture 6: From Spins to Magnets: How quantum objects turn classical View
Discussion Session 3 (Lectures 5 and 6) View
Nanoelectronic Devices, With an Introduction to Spintronics (Lecture Notes) Lecture Notes
Collective slides for the Datta lectures.