The HUB2CAC Multi-target MATLAB Framework

By Pascal Meunier1, Steven Clark1, Brandon G Hill1

1. Purdue University

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The goal of this framework is to facilitate the adaptation and management of existing MATLAB code for multiple targets, or creating new code intended to run on those targets. The targets can be specific clusters, e.g., the Center for Advanced Computing (CAC) at Cornell University (, generic MATLAB clusters, or hubs, e.g., nanoHUB (, and local resources. The management of the code is done in a manner respecting the MATLAB licensing agreements.

This document describes what can be done with the framework (use cases), and how to use it. It is addressed to people who are considering whether to use it, as well as MATLAB code developers whose code may now or later require additional computing resources.

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NSF grant #0844032 "A TeraGrid MATLAB Cluster - Exploring New Services for an XD Future"(

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