By Jeff Gray1, Xufeng Wang1, Raghu Vamsi Krishna Chavali1, Xingshu Sun1, Abhirit Kanti1, John Robert Wilcox1

1. Purdue University

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Version 2.1.1 - published on 26 Mar 2015

doi:10.4231/D39S1KM3S cite this

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1499 Negative biases not working for i-v?
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1496 Is it possible to simulate a silicon oxide layer in the c-Si simulations?
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1477 Dark mode computation cannot be executed.
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1176 Absorbtion File In Cigs Solar Cell for Adept 2
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1082 My simulation is not getting saved from where i left?
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947 Adept values and hand calculations do not match
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916 What is the reference material for calculating the band offsets in the n-AlGaAs-p
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