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Visualize and interact with various Crystalline Materials and all Bravais Lattices

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Version 0.2.1 - published on 23 Aug 2019

doi:10.21981/W32W-2T73 cite this

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2125 how to calculate no. of atoms through simulation?
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
2027 how do i change the background to white in crystal viewer while saving it as image there is no option for it?
Asked by Anonymous Open 2
1985 How to input crystal with more than 8 atoms in the unit cell
Asked by Robert J Hamers Open 1
1883 how to save into pdb format from crystal viewer
Asked by naresh thota Open 1
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1803 Textbook Unit Cells for Printing
Asked by Tanya Faltens Open 0
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1762 CNT crystal rendering gives bucky ball
Asked by Prasad Sarangapani Closed 2
1661 I am trying to simulate ‘silicon’ crystal using ‘create your own crystal’ option. But I am getting an error that says ‘
Asked by Mohammad Zunaidur Rashid Open 0
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1609 Tried to simulate Bucky ball and CNT, it gives an import error for both
Asked by Anonymous Open 2
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1105 crystal
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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885 distorted Miller plane views?
Asked by Juan Jose de Miguel Closed 1
867 I can’t see any images.
Asked by Danie Chou Closed 1
574 Can you customize the basis?
Asked by Alex Small Open 2
472 how do i see the plane?
Asked by troy corley Open 1
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357 about distance
Asked by Ho Ying Chau Open 1
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346 how do we see other crystal orientations for instance for silicon, (557),?
Asked by Wondwosen Tilahun Metaferia Closed 1
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310 open surface problem
Asked by Gerhard Klimeck Closed 2
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308 I would like to see a Hexagonal closed packed crystal but where is that? Do you have it?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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228 In addition to the unit cells, can you also show larger chunks of the crystal
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
226 Bravais lattice viewer shows very small atoms and very long bonds.
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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225 Orthorhombic and Tetragonal unit cells are not properly displayed.
Asked by Anonymous Closed 2
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