Illinois Tool: FIONA (Fluorescence Imaging with One Nanometer Accuracy)

By Paul R Selvin1, Raheem Syed1, Nahil Sobh1

1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Fluorescence Imaging with One Nanometer Accuracy

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Version 1.4a - published on 13 Aug 2014

doi:10.4231/D3DB7VQ92 cite this

This tool is closed source.

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Version Released DOI Handle Published
1.4a 13 Aug 2014 doi:10.4231/D3DB7VQ92 yes
1.3 31 Jan 2011 doi:10.4231/D3WS8HK8V no
1.2 27 Jan 2011 doi:10.4231/D3696ZX7F no
1.1 13 Dec 2010 doi:10.4231/D3DZ03182 no
1.0 13 Dec 2010 doi:10.4231/D3PG1HN65 no