Illustrative Mathematical Concepts

By Hae Ji Kwon1, Mike Jovanovich1, David R. Ely1

1. Ivy Tech Community College

Illustrates mathematical concepts and their applications

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Version 1.1.2 - published on 20 Sep 2023

doi:10.21981/7S1K-Q181 cite this

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The objective of this tool is to summarize and illustrate the common mathematical concepts from Calculus to Linear Algebra in Python 3 Jupyter Notebook.

The tool includes practical applications and example problems for students to practice the concepts they have acquired through the interactive modules.



  • Derivatives
  • Single Integrals
  • Series


  • Probability Density
  • Uniform Random Distribution
  • Gaussian Distribution

In Development

  • Series (Update date: TBA)
  • Taylor Series (Release date: TBA)
  • Multiple Integrals (Release date: TBA)
  • Partial Derivatives (Release date: TBA)
  • Vectors and Gradient (Release date: TBA)
  • Divergence (Release date: TBA)
  • Curl (Release date: TBA)
  • Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues (Release date: TBA)


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