PhysiCell simulation of GBM tumour under oHSV1 treatment

By Adrianne Jenner1, Randy Heiland2, Paul Macklin2

1. Queensland University of Technology 2. Indiana University

Simulation for GBM fragment growth under oHSV1 treatment published in Jenner et al. (2021)

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Version 1.0 - published on 28 Mar 2021

doi:10.21981/9261-SM49 cite this

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Oncolytic viruses (OVs) - which directly infect and kill tumour cells while stimulating an immune response - are an emerging immunotherapy currently being investigated for the treatment of central nervous system cancers including glioblastoma (GB). We have constructed a quantitative representation of this treatment using PhysiCell - an open-source physics based cell simulator ( This simulation here runs the OV on a fragment made up of 50% densely populated tumour cell regions and 50% sparely populated tumour cell regions. 

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  • Adrianne Jenner, Randy Heiland, Paul Macklin (2021), "PhysiCell simulation of GBM tumour under oHSV1 treatment," (DOI: 10.21981/9261-SM49).

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