[Illinois]: Error Gradient Estimations Due to Perturbation of One Weight at a Time

By AbderRahman N Sobh1, Jessica S Johnson1, NanoBio Node1

1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

This tool trains two-layered networks of sigmoidal units to associate patterns using perturbation of one weight at a time.

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Version 1.0d - published on 06 Aug 2014

doi:10.4231/D3NZ80R0K cite this

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Version Released DOI Handle Published
1.0d 06 Aug 2014 doi:10.4231/D3NZ80R0K yes
1.0c 19 Aug 2013 doi:10.4231/D3C53F164 no
1.0b 16 Aug 2013 doi:10.4231/D30V89H45 no
1.0a 09 Jul 2013 doi:10.4231/D3PZ51M3T no