System of Systems Analytic Workbench Toolset

This is a toolset including different methods to support system of systems development and analysis.

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Version 1.5 - published on 10 Feb 2017

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This is an analytic workbench including a set of tools to support  system of systems development and analysis. The current five methods are Systems Operational Dependency Analysis (SODA), Systems Developmental Dependency Analysis (SDDA), Robust Portfolio Optimization (RPO), System Importance Measures (SIMs),  and Multi-Stakeholder Dynamic Optimization (MUSTDO). 

The development of a large group of interdependently operating systems, or 'System of Systems (SoS)', presents significant challenges across technical, operational and programmatic dimensions. Trades between cost, schedule, performance, and associated spectrum of risks, are essential during analysis of alternatives for both individual systems and the SoS architecture as a whole. The large number of decision variables involved, ubiquitous uncertainty and complex interactions that exist between systems creates analysis problems that go well beyond the immediate mental faculties of decision-makers. Often times, the decisions made focus on localized development at the system level with little consideration for cascading effects on the bigger SoS picture. Hence, the process of evolving SoS architectures requires tools that provides the SoS practitioner with meaningful analytical quantifications of the SoS tradespace. We developed this analytic workbench of computational tools to facilitate better-informed decision-making on SoS architectures. The work is motivated by the idea that SoS practitioners possess relevant information and archetypal questions that reflect desired outcomes at the SoS level. These archetypal, technically-driven queries are mapped to relevant methods that can provide analytical outputs to directly support SoS acquisition and architectural decisions. Applications of this analytic workbench are diverse, including defense acquisition, defense operational planning, cyber security, health care, nanotechnology, etc. 

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U.S. Department of Defense Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) 


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