Quantum Dot Quantum Computation Simulator

By Brian Sutton

Purdue University

Performs simulations of quantum dot quantum computation using a model Hamiltonian with an on-site magnetic field and modulated inter-dot exchange interaction.

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Version 1.01 - published on 15 Aug 2014

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    SWAP Hadamard Gate CNOT used to generate a Bell state



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QuDoSim is quantum dot quantum computation simulator. An abstract Hamiltonian is used to model an array of coupled quantum dots. Through the use of time dependent on-site magnetic fields and inter-dot exchange interaction, arbitrary single qubit gates and the two qubit square root of SWAP gate can be realized. From this universal set, additional gates are constructed for simulation. The tool provides a set of preset quantum gates that a user can use to gain intuition into the quantum operations. Various outputs are generated to help visualize each operation such as a dynamic Bloch sphere representation of each qubit and pair-wise qubit concurrence, a measure of entanglement. In the future, the tool will be extended to support arbitrary specification of quantum circuits through a quantum hardware description language. With this capability, a user can link classical computing constructs with operations such as a Grover iteration.

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Brian Sutton developed the GUI and MATLAB simulation framework. Sabre Kais and Supriyo Datta provided insight and direction for the project.


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