Spin Quantum Gate Lab

By Tong Wu1, Daniel Volya1, Jing Guo1

1. University of Florida

Simulate the device-level characteristics of spin-based quantum gates.

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Version 1.2 - published on 19 Jul 2019

doi:10.21981/Z43H-3R73 cite this

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Spin Quantum Gate Lab is a set of python codes that calculate the device-level characteristics of spin-based quantum gates. Single-qubit rotational gates and two-qubit controlled-phase gate can be simulated, which form a complete set of quantum gates for universal quantum computing. The tool can simulate time evolution, compute delay and fidelity, and perform quantum process tomography for the quantum gates. The effect of dephasing can be simulated by inputting a spin dephasing time.


Examples of the simulation are provided in supporting docs.


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  • Tong Wu, Daniel Volya, Jing Guo (2019), "Spin Quantum Gate Lab," https://nanohub.org/resources/spinqugate. (DOI: 10.21981/Z43H-3R73).

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