SUGARCube - Netlist Input Tool

By Fengyuan Li1; Jason Clark1

1. Purdue University

Simulate the user input netlist by SUGAR2.0

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Version 0.2 - published on 20 Aug 2014

doi:10.4231/D3T727G98 cite this

This tool is closed source.

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The tool is currently designed to model and simulate of users' own devices. Several example netlists are provided in the drop-down menu to help users to startup.

Any text netlist created locally can be uploaded into the tool by using the 'Upload...' option in the drop-down mean.

All the models packaged with SGUAR v2.0 are available in this tool. And all the netlists downloaded from other SGUAR-based tool on nanoHUB are compatible within this tool.

Static analysis with original and actuated top-view plots is the only available analysis type at this moment.

This tool can serve as a playground for users to model new device, and later on will be very powerful to gather and share all the models from the entire community.


This tool is based on the work of LI, Fengyuan (Thomas) and CLARK, Jason.

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  • Fengyuan Li, Jason Clark (2014), "SUGARCube - Netlist Input Tool," (DOI: 10.4231/D3T727G98).

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