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Note: Only nanoelectronic tools are currently represented.

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KP Nanowire/UTB FET

Simulate Nanowire/UTB FETs Using KP method


2-D simulator for thin body (less than 5 nm), fully depleted, double-gated n-MOSFETs

Periodic Potential

Calculation of the allowed and forbidden states in a periodic potential


Run the community code ABINIT for electronic structure calculations under density functional theory through a convenient graphical user interface


MEDICI (Synopsys)


Framework for solving systems of partial differential equations (PDEs) in time and 1, 2, or 3 space dimensions


Calculate the ballistic I-V characteristics for conventional MOSFETs, Nanowire MOSFETs and Carbon NanoTube MOSFETs


SCHRED simulation software calculates the envelope wavefunctions and the corresponding bound-state energies in a typical MOS, SOS and a typical SOI structure.


Computes current-voltage (I-V) characteristics and conductance spectrum (G-V) of a molecule sandwiched between two metallic contacts

MSL Simulator

Easy-to-use interface for designing and analyzing electronic properties of different nano materials


General-purpose circuit simulation program for nonlinear dc, nonlinear transient, and linear ac analysis

PN Junction Lab

This tool enables users to explore and teach the basic concepts of P-N junction devices.

Resonant Tunneling Diode Simulator

Simulate 1D resonant tunneling devices and other heterostructures via ballistic quantum transport

Quantum Dot Lab

Compute the eigenstates of a particle in a box of various shapes including domes, pyramids and multilayer structures.


Capacitance of a MOS device


Simulates the current-voltage characteristics for bulk, SOI, and double-gate Field Effect Transistors (FETs)


2D/3D devices under steady state, transient conditions or AC small-signal analysis


Simulates ballistic transport in 2D MOSFET devices


Simulates ballistic transport properties in 3D Carbon NanoTube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET) devices


Quantum-corrected Monte-Carlo electron transport simulator for two-dimensional MOSFET devices.


Calculates the phonon band structure of carbon nanotubes using the force constant method.

Band Structure Lab

Computes the electronic and phonon structure of various materials in the spatial configuration of bulk , quantum wells, and wires


Simulate 3D nanowire transport in the effective mass approximation with phonon scattering and 3D Poisson self-consistent solution


Compute the charge density distribution and potential variation inside a MOS structure by using a coarse-grained tight binding model


Compute the strain effects on the thermal properties of bulk crystalline silicon

Modeling Interface-defect Generation (MIG)

Analyzes device reliability based on NBTI


This tool simulates E-k and DOS of CNTs and graphene nanoribbons.

Process Lab:Oxidation

Integrated Circuit Fabrication Process Simulation

Process Lab: Oxidation Flux

This module simulates the oxidation flux.

Process Lab: Concentration-Dependent Diffusion

This modules simulates both the standard diffusion and concentration-dependent diffusion.

Process Lab: Defect-coupled diffusion

This tool simulates dopant diffusion coupled with point defects.


Improved program consists of DEMON and SDEMON


A simulation tool for Thin films transistors based on network of nanotubes or nanowires


Predictive model files for future transistor technologies.

Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect Analyzer (CNIA)

Analyze performances of carbon nanotube bundle interconnects

Schottky-Barrier CNFET

Simulate Carbon Nanotube field Effect transistor with Schottky Barriers


Kronig-Penney Potential

Rode's Method

Calculates low field mobility in III-V semiconductors

Illinois Tools: MOCA

2D Full-band Monte Carlo (MOCA) Simulation for SOI-Based Device Structures

Piece-Wise Constant Potential Barriers Tool

Transmission and the reflection coefficient of a five, seven, nine, eleven and 2n-segment piece-wise constant potential energy profile


TSUPREM-4 is a computer program for simulating the processing steps used in the manufacture of silicon integrated circuits and discrete devices.


Simulates 1D heterostructures, including solar cells

Multi-gate Nanowire FET

3D simulator for silicon nanowire field effect transistors with multiple gates


Explore the influence of strain on first-principles bandstructures of semiconductors.

PETE : Purdue Emerging Technology Evaluator

Estimate circuit level performance and power of novel devices


Simplex Monte Carlo - solves for hot electron and hole distribution functions (DF) given input PADRE solution and mesh files.

Bulk GaAs Ensemble Monte Carlo

Basic Ensemble Monte Carlo code for study of electron transport in bulk GaAs

Coulomb Blockade Simulation

Simulate Coulomb Blockade through Many-Body Calculations in a single and double quantum dot system

Prophet Nanowire

Nanowire classical using Prophet

Path Integral Monte Carlo

Tool Description

Crystal Viewer Tool

Visualize different crystal lattices and planes

Carrier Statistics Lab

Calculate the electron & hole density in semiconductors


Simulate the nanoscale multigate-FET structures (finFET and nanowire) using drift diffusion approaches

Periodic Potential Lab

Solve the time independent schrodinger eqn. for arbitrary periodic potentials

Drift-Diffusion Lab

Simulate single semiconductor characteristics


Non-equilibrium Green's Function Density Functional Theory Simulator


This tool simulates a Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) using a 2D mesh. Powered by PADRE.

Quantum and Semi-classical Electrostatics Simulation of SOI Trigates

Generate quantum/semi-classical electrostatic simulation results for a simple Trigate structure

Boltzmann Transport Simulator for CNTs

Simulate Electron transport in Single-walled carbon nanotubes using an upwinding discretization of the Boltzmann transport equation in the relaxation time approximation.

Graphene Interconnect

Estimate performances of graphene interconnects

Bulk Monte Carlo Lab

This tool calculates the bulk values of the carrier drift velocity and average electron energy in any material in which the conduction band is represented by a three valley model. Examples include Si, Ge and GaAs.

Archimedes, GNU Monte Carlo simulator

GNU Monte Carlo simulation of 2D semiconductor devices, III-V materials


This tool performs a self-consistent simulation of the current-voltage curve of a metallic single-wall carbon nanotube with Joule heating.


Simulate clusters configurations of nanomagnets

Bound States Calculation Lab

Calculates bound states for square, parabolic, triangular and V-shaped potential energy profile

Spin Coupled Quantum Dots

Path integral calculation of exchange coupling of spins in neighboring quantum dots.

Cylindrical CNT MOSFET Simulator

Simulate 2-D electrons transport in CNTFET


3D Poisson/NEGF solver for the simulation of Graphene Nanoribbon, Carbon nanotubes and Silicon Nanowire Transistors.

Introduction to Solid State Electronic Devices Classes Tools

Tools to complement Illinois Solid State Electronic Devices Classes

Illinois Tools: PN Junction Long-Base Depletion Approximation

Depletion Approximation for a PN Junction


This tool gives insight into the basic operation of MESFET devices

1D Heterostructure Tool

Poisson-Schrödinger Solver for 1D Heterostructures

AQME - Advancing Quantum Mechanics for Engineers

One-stop-shop for teaching quantum mechanics for engineers

Analytic Spin Precession Simulator

Simulate spin precession effect in pure silicon


This tool is used for the Advanced Computational Electronics Tool Based Curricula

Resonant Tunneling Diode Simulation with NEGF

Simulate 1D RTDs using NEGF.

OMEN Nanowire

Full-band 3D quantum transport simulation in nanowire structure

Effect of Doping on Semiconductors

effects of doping in bulk silicon.

a TCAD Lab

An Assembly of TCAD tools for circuit, device, and process simulation

Thermoelectric Power Factor Calculator for Superlattices

Quantum Simulation of the Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Conductivity in 1D Superlattice Structures using Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions

Thermoelectric Power Factor Calculator for Nanocrystalline Composites

Quantum Simulation of the Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Conductivity in a 2D Nanocrystalline Composite Structure using Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions

Assembly for Nanotechnology Survey Courses

Educational Tools for Classroom and Homework use to introduce nanotechnology concepts


Simulates High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT), single-gate MOSFET, and double-gate MOSFET in effective mass approximation

CNT Mobility

Simulate field effect carrier mobility in back-gated CNTFET devices at low field

Memristor Simulation Tool

Simulate resistance change of a Voltage-controlled Memristor

Illinois Tools: Basic Bulk Silicon Transport Data at 300K

Calculations of doped bulk silicon transport data (new version release)