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  1. Uzair Iqbal

    Currently, I am a PhD Student in Department of Mechanical Engineering, IISc, Bangalore. I completed my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT-Trichy in 2019. I had my schooling done in Aligarh...


  2. E3S Theme II: Nanomechanics eBook

    22 Feb 2020 | | Contributor(s):: Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science (editor), Tsu-Jae King Liu, Farnaz Niroui, Edgar Acosta, Sergio Fabian Almeida, Vladimir Bulovic, Sara Fathipour, Jinchi Han, Jeffrey H. Lang, Mariana Martinez, Jose Mireles, Rawan Naous, Benjamin Osoba, Jatin Patil, Bivas Saha, Mayuran Saravanapavanantham, Urmita Sikder, Vladimir Stojanovic, Timothy Swager, Aldo Vidana, Junqiao Wu, Alice Ye, David Zubia

    This eBook was written by faculty, postdoctoral researchers, students, and staff of the Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science (E3S). The Center is a consortium of five world-class academic institutions: University of California at Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,...

  3. CELL-MET Thrust Area 1 - Nanomanufacturing: Atomic Calligraphy for Cellular Adhesion

    07 Feb 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Josh Javor, CELL-MET ERC

    In this presentation, BU graduate student Josh Javor explains his work on Nanomanufacturing in David Bishop's lab.

  4. Illinois ME 498 Introduction of Nano Science and Technology, Lecture 14: Interface and Self Assembly

    17 Oct 2009 | | Contributor(s):: Nick Fang, Omar N Sobh

    Interface and Self AssemblyTopics: Origin of Adhesion: VdW Forces How can a Gecko lift it's foot off? Microscopic view of friction Driving Forces for Self Assembly Assembly by Surface Energy Phase Diagram of Micelles Micelle Properties Molecular self Assembly Geometries Possible Phase...

  5. Illinois ME 498 Introduction of Nano Science and Technology, Lecture 13: Adhesion and Friction

    14 Oct 2009 | | Contributor(s):: Nick Fang, Omar N Sobh

    Adhesion and Friction Topics: Surface and Surface Tension Molecular Picture of Surface Tension Contact Angle: Young's Equation Effect of Surface energy: Nucleation/Melting Solidification/Melting Size effect in Evaporation/Condensation Wetting on Textured Surfaces Wetting on Textures: Wenzel Model...

  6. Katie M Smith


  7. Pablo Daniel Zavattieri

    Prof. Zavattieri joined Purdue University in 2009. Prof. Zavattieri’s research lies at the interface between solid mechanics and materials engineering. His engineering and scientific curiosity has...